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Registration Fee

Early Bird - Deadline June 15th

Junior Showcase ( U13 & U14 ) – $1,095

Senior Showcase ( U15,U16,U17,U18 ) – $1,195

REGULAR FEE – June 16th - July 12th

Junior Showcase ( U13 & U14 ) – $1,195

Senior Showcase ( U15,U16,U17,U18 ) – $1,295

Entry Deadline - July 12th

Application Process

All teams must submit an online application.

Step 1. Apply online

Step 2. Team application fee is due within 7 days of online application.
Team applications will not be reviewed for entry into the tournament prior to receipt of fee payment.

Step 3. Method of payment
E-transfer to  ( Preferred Option to confirm your spot )

Step 4. The tournament selection team will review all applications and notify your team of its status as soon as possible after full payment is received.

Step 5. Once teams are selected they will be assigned a flight based on each team’s qualifications


When applying please make sure to use your most, up to date GOT Soccer team account. If you don’t have an account please create one and provide as much information as possible for your team.

Got Soccer will be the primary source for reviewing a team’s tournament and league history.

Teams who apply with little or no history may be declined due to lack of information. The Tournament is a showcase and we strive to select teams of the highest caliber.

Fee Refunds

  1. Refunds will be made to all teams not accepted.
  2. No refunds will be granted to teams that have been accepted to the tournament.